Acts of Goodness reporting resources

If you’ve expanded your program to begin tracking Acts of Goodness, we’ve pulled together the following guide on what is available in Benevity Reporting. It will help you determine how to best track the Acts of Goodness — as defined by Benevity — that you’ve included in your program.

Find the best stock report for the Acts of Goodness you are tracking

You will find many helpful samples to use in the Benevity Reporting stock reports. The trick to reporting on your Acts of Goodness quickly and easily is selecting the stock report that has the type of reporting information for your requirements.

We’ve created a handy tool to match the act of Goodness with the stock report that will best suit your needs.

You can download it here. 

Recommended stock reports for your planned initiatives and campaigns

  • Web Analytics Dashboard Stock Report
    • Act of Goodness: Not tied to a specific Act of Goodness; however, this report will help you measure the success of your communications channels, like emails and views of news articles in your Spark sites.
    • Description: Dashboard that gives an overview (users and sessions) of web traffic to your Spark site.
  • Budget Usage
    • Act of Goodness: Not tied to a specific Act of Goodness; however, this report will help you view your leftover budgets.
    • Description: Review your budgets and filter by status with a real-time list showing high-level metrics. 
  • My Rewards Redemption by Identifier and User
    • Act of Goodness: Seeding, volunteer rewards.
    • Description: Understand how My Rewards is being used and by whom. This report shows amounts issued, redeemed and expired for different dates and users.
  • User Giving Account Balance
    • Act of Goodness: Seeding, user donations.
    • Description: Determine the Giving Account balances in your program, filtered by user, currency, balance and account type (My Funds or My Rewards).


Recommended stock reports for engagement and participation

  • Terms of Use List
    • Act of Goodness: Accepted terms of use.
    • Description: Use this report to identify users who haven’t yet accepted the terms of use to target them in your email campaigns.
  • Giving Opportunities
    • Act of Goodness: Giving opportunities created, user donations.
    • Description: Evaluate your giving opportunities using the data from this report. It includes donation amounts, number of donors and amount given per donor.
  • Volunteer Opportunities — Available Shifts
    • Act of Goodness: Volunteer sign-ups.
    • Description: Maximize your volunteer opportunities by seeing how many shifts are less than 75% full, with filters for time frame, percentage full and country.


Recommended stock reports for small actions and activities

  • Missions — Impact and Activity-Tracking Behavior
    • Act of Goodness: Missions activity completions.
    • Description: Detail the impact of your Missions with this report, showing savings (in imperial and metric) and activity-tracking behavior, with filters for active/inactive challenges.
  • Donations, Volunteer Hours and Missions Metrics — by Custom Field
    • Act of Goodness: User donation, volunteer submission and Missions activity completions.
    • Description: Compare your users’ annual donation amounts and rewards, as well as corporate matches, volunteer hours and Missions metrics for active challenges, for each calendar year.


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