Donations, Volunteer Hours and Missions Metrics report

Donations, Volunteer Hours and Missions Metrics by Custom Field report combines—you guessed it—donation, volunteering and Missions metrics into one easy-to-review report.

It can be segmented by any custom field you have included in your demographic data, and you can report on donation amounts in a common currency of your choosing. This comes in handy when comparing your groups globally, across all Spark experiences.

The report is located in the Stock Reporting folder of the Repository. Below you’ll find the steps for how to customize the report for your program.


Add your input values to the report

  1. Select the Stock Reporting folder from the Repository.
  2. Double-click on the Donations, Volunteer Hours and Missions Metrics by Custom Field (specific date range) report.

  3. From the Options on the left-hand side of the page, choose the input values you want to include in the report. Note, if you don’t select a country under Instance Country, the report will automatically include all countries.

  4. Select Apply. The report will generate in the preview area.Screen_Shot_2021-04-19_at_11.10.28_AM.png

  5. Use the arrows in the header row to sort columns by ascending or descending values.
  6. (Optional) Select Export on the toolbar and choose a from a list of file types for exporting your report.


Pro Tip

Save and reuse your settings for input values by selecting Save at the bottom of the Options pane.


Experiment with ratio data

This particular report offers an interesting data point — ratio data. You can review what your average donation amount per donor is, or what your hours per volunteer ratios are, by segment, to get a feel for the depth of engagement from each group. This is useful data as you plan how to engage each segment during your next campaign or activities.


As an example, use Address — Country as your Custom Field Name group to segment the report. When you sort the data by the donation amount per donor column, you will see the group who contributes the most dollars per individual.


Using the same grouping (Address — Country) and sorting the data by hours per volunteer, you might be surprised to see that there is a different grouping emerging at the top of the report. 



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