Budget Usage by Transaction report

The Budget Usage by Transaction report, located in the Stock Reporting folder, shows you all the transactions that are drawn down from a particular budget. Details included are the date the budget was drawn, the user who drew down from the budget, and the type of transactions.


To access this information:

  1. Select the Stock Reporting folder from the Repository.
  2. Double-click on Budget Usage by Transaction.

  3. In the pop-up window that appears, open the Budget Name dropdown and choose the budget you want to access.


A list of all the transactions associated with that budget will appear. The report will generate User Name and Employee ID, Transaction Type and Budget Amount Used along with the Budget Usage Date. At the bottom of the report, or when exported, you'll see a summary of the number of employees associated with these transactions and the total amount of budget used (shown in the screenshot below).



If you want to make changes to your budget, or create a new budget, contact us at help@benevity.com. Please note: all budget changes must be requested or approved by your company’s Change Signatory.


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