Participation Rate by Custom Field report

The Participation Rate by Custom Field report, with a specific date range, provides you with insights on program engagement via data segments from your demographic file fields.

The report shows the number of eligible users, the number of participants, and the participation rates for each segment you select. And it uses specific date range filters to narrow or expand your view.

The report is located in the Stock Reporting folder of the Repository. Below you’ll find the steps for how to customize the report for your program.


Add your input values to the report

  1. Select the Stock Reporting folder from the Repository.
  2. Double-click on the Participation Rate – by Custom Field (specific date range) report.

  3. From the Options on the left-hand side of the page, choose the input values you want to include in the report.

  4. When using the custom fields, make sure you start with Custom Field 1, and then use the other two fields, when needed. It might seem obvious, but making sure you follow this order will make your report easier to read in Benevity Reporting, and easier to edit later in other formats, like Excel.

  5. Select Apply. Your report will generate in the preview area.
  6. Use the arrows in the header row to sort columns by ascending or descending values.
  7. (Optional) Select Export on the toolbar and choose a from a list of file types for exporting your report.


Pro Tip

Save and reuse your settings for input values by selecting Save at the bottom of the Options pane.


View YTD overall participation

Within the report, you can evaluate your year-to-date (YTD) overall participation of users, separated by country. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select Overall Participation from the Participation
  2. Edit the start and end dates to match your YTD range.
  3. Select Country from the Custom Field 1
  4. Select Apply. The participation rates segmented by country will show in the table.
  5. Use the arrows in the column headers to sort by descending values to see the country with the highest participation rates.


Another interesting way to look at this data is to group by eligible user. Use the arrows on the Eligible User column to sort the data and see what the participation rates are like by country.



View overall user logins (accepted terms of use)

A Benevity study of program engagement numbers, across clients, showed that the Accepted Terms of Use metric was an important indicator of future participation. If a user had logged in, they were more likely to do so again in the future.

So, in this next example, we will show you how to view Accepted Terms of Use (logins) segmented by country, office location and employee title.

  1. Select Accepted Terms of Use Participation from the Participation
  2. Choose your start and end dates.
  3. Add the segments in the custom field boxes. In this example, we’ll add employee title, office location and country.

  4. Select Apply. The data for logins by country will show in the table.
  5. Use the arrows in the column headers to sort the data.


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