My Rewards Redemption by Identifier

The My Rewards Redemption by Identifier stock report includes all types of rewards that have been issued to users' Giving Accounts under Rewards. They do not include Giving Account Funds.

Rewards are identified in the report by the Identifier column. You can filter the report by identifier to see Volunteer Rewards, Seeding and other rewards allocations. The report highlights the amount issued, redeemed and remaining, and more. The data updates daily at 2pm MST.

The report is located in the Stock Reporting folder of the Repository. Below, you’ll find more information about fields in this report and common uses. Users with access to Benevity Reporting can run this report. 

If you're new to Benevity Reporting, learn more about how to generate a stock report and apply filters

Filtering your report

You can apply the following filters to the My Rewards Redemption by Identifier stock report:

  • Date issued range 
  • Identifier



The identifier is a label for the reward. For example, it could be Volunteer Rewards, earned for tracking time, or a seeded reward amount, in which case it will display the batch identifier.

Redemption Rate

The reward Amount Redeemed divided by the Amount Issued.

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