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We know it can be a challenge to pull all of the right data into one place to fill out a comprehensive industry survey. In partnership with Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), we’ve built a report to support you in answering the questions in the Giving in Numbers survey.

If you work at a company with more than $2 billion in annual revenue, you can use Benevity Reporting's CECP Giving in Numbers Support report to collect the necessary data. The report pulls all of your program data from Spark, and the grants disbursed through Benevity, into the survey's required format.


To create a report to support you with the CECP giving in numbers survey:

  1. Sign in to Benevity Reporting.
  2. Go to the Stock Reporting folder in your repository.
  3. Open the CECP Giving in Numbers Support report.

  4. Copy and paste the stats from the report into the survey. 

    Note, the report will not cover all of your data collection needs for the Giving in Numbers survey. You may have to draw in data from other sources as well.


More information on the report

The report includes all donations as part of your program that have gone through the Benevity platform, including gift cards, corporate direct donations, corporate grants disbursed through Benevity, corporate match, seeding and volunteer rewards.

It excludes donations that did not go through the Benevity platform, such as grants paid through a company system directly. Per CECP valuation guidance, all donations affiliated with Cause Category “X” Religious-Related are excluded. 

If you have multiple reporting instances due to multiple Spark sites or different entities for Spark and Grants, the report will pull the information for just the companies stored within that reporting instance.  

The report has two input parameters:

  • Date: Allows you to pick the 12-month date range for which you want to report on. CECP guidance is to report on your fiscal year, if different than calendar year. If you have a fiscal year that is not listed, email help@benevity.com and we'll set that up for you. Also, here's a how-to article on changing your existing fiscal year range.
  • Headquarter Country: Some of the questions depend on splitting out investment by headquarter country, or otherwise, so this selection will drive the logic for those questions.


More info on the CECP

Many of you are already familiar with CECP, but for those who aren’t… they’re a coalition of over 200 of the world’s largest companies that represent more than $6.6 trillion in revenues, $21.2 billion in social investment and 14 million employees. CEOs in their coalition include those from PayPal, Prudential, Microsoft, Ameriprise Financial, Adobe, RBC, Kohl's, Citigroup, USAA, Vanguard and more.

Benevity has teamed up with Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) to become an official Innovation Partner, supporting their work in social investment benchmarking and trends. Their Giving in Numbers report is the largest and most historical data set on trends in our industry. Over 200 companies with revenues of US $2 billion or more (minimum requirement) participate in the Giving in Numbers survey each year and information gathered is shared by more than 585 multi-billion-dollar companies, representing more than $312 billion in corporate social investments over that time span.

We believe that contributing to industry reports helps our sector mature and evolve to create even greater societal impact as well as showing the scale and business value of the CSR profession and work. So, we’re supporting you the best way we know how – with innovative technology and automation!


Resources and questions

To learn more, visit the CECP Giving in Numbers Survey Toolkit.

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