Generating a stock report

The Stock Reporting folder in Benevity Reporting is a collection of pre-built reports that give you simple solutions to many of the common challenges you might face when running your program. Each stock report has a set of filters that you can adjust to get the insights you need. This article describes how to open a stock report and apply different types of filters. 

Users with access to Benevity Reporting can generate a stock report. 

Generating a stock report

To generate a pre-built stock report in Benevity Reporting: 

  1. Open Benevity Reporting and go to the Stock Reporting folder. 
  2. Select a stock report. 
  3. Choose your preferred filters.
  4. Select Apply to apply filters and run the report. 
    • You can Reset to remove filters and reset to the default. 
  5. Select the export file icon at the top of the report table and choose a format to export to if required.  You can export to the following formats: 
    • PDF 
    • Excel
    • Excel (Paginated)
    • CSV
    • DOCX
    • RTF
    • ODT
    • ODS
    • XLSX (Paginated)
    • XLSX
    • PPTX
    • CSV Metadata
  6. Select the Save as icon to save your chosen filters so that you can run the same report at a later date.

Filtering your report

You may interact with the following filter types in stock reports: 

Date & time filter

Select a date range to filter the data. You may also have an input for time filters, which can be helpful when reporting on transactions. 

Multi-select filters

This filter type allows you to do the following:

  • Select one option in the list.
  • Include more than one option in the filter by selecting several options. Options turn blue when selected. 
  • Select All to include all options. 
  • Select None to deselect all options. 
  • Select Invert to exclude the options you have selected and include the ones you have not. 

Dropdown filter

Select an option in the dropdown to filter the report. 

Additional column field selection

You may be presented with a dropdown that creates an additional column, rather than a filter. For example, select the Custom Field Name in the Donations, Volunteer Hours and Mission Metrics - by Custom Field report. Select a field to include in the last column of the report. You cannot filter on the field selected.

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