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The Cause Report is used to generate a list of cause IDs and other cause details. You can apply several filters to narrow your cause list. The report is located in the Stock Reporting folder of the Repository. Below, you’ll find the steps for how to customize and run the report for your program needs.

Users with access to Benevity Reporting can generate a user list report. 

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Creating a Cause Report

You can create a Cause Report in Benevity Reporting: 

  1. Open Benevity Reporting and go to the Stock Reporting folder. 
  2. Select the Cause Report
  3. Choose your preferred filters.
  4. Select Apply to apply filters and run the report. 
    • You can Reset to remove filters and reset to the default. 
  5. Select the export file icon at the top of the report table and choose a format to export to if required. You can export to the following formats: 
    • PDF 
    • Excel
    • Excel (Paginated)
    • CSV
    • DOCX
    • RTF
    • ODT
    • ODS
    • XLSX (Paginated)
    • XLSX
    • PPTX
    • CSV Metadata
  6. Select the Save as icon to save your chosen filters so that you can run the same report at a later date.

Filtering your report

You can apply the following filters to the Cause Report:


  • Select a country from the country dropdown.
  • The Province filter options are updated based on your selection. 

Cause name contains: 

  • Enter all or part of a cause name. You can use % for a wildcard. 
  • For multiple cause names, add the “|” separator in between them. 

For the following filter options, you can: 

  • Select one or more options or Select All to include all options. 
  • Select None to deselect options. 
  • Select Invert to exclude the options you have selected and include those you have not.

    Applicable filters: 
    • Province (this list may include provinces, states, countries or regions depending on your previous selection.)
    • Type
    • Category Code
    • Claimed Status
    • Verified Status
    • Payment Status
    • SelfCert Status

Common uses for the Cause Report

Cause onboarding status

You can run this report to obtain a list of causes and their on-boarding status in Benevity (Including Cause statuses for: Active, Claimed, Verified, Self-Certified, and Payment Method). 

Some specific examples include:

  • A full list of all causes that are fully on-boarded in a specific Country or the status of causes in a specific country. 
  • A full list of causes based on their Payment Method status (check or EFT).

Determining Cause filters

You can run this report with filters on specific NTEE code categories. Some clients choose to use this to determine program & cause filter guidelines. 


Cause ID

A Unique identifier for causes. Cause ID is a concatenation of the ISO country code and the unique government identifier (e.g. EIN in USA).

Cause Category

A top-level category name of a cause (e.g. Education). Category is based on NTEE code.

Cause Category Code

A code that represents the category and subcategory of a cause (e.g. NTEE code, cause activity code).

Cause Type

Cause type codes: 

  • A0 = a tax-effective charity.
  • A2 = a non-tax-effective charity.

Claimed Status

If an organization has registered on the Benevity Causes Portal, their profile has been claimed. If not, the cause has an unclaimed profile that includes basic information about the charity obtained from a government list. 

Self-Certification Status

The Self-Certification Declaration is a click-through agreement that helps determine whether an Organization is eligible under corporate guidelines to receive donations through Benevity’s online platform. The status of the self-certification can be active, expired, or not completed.

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