Managing cover stories

The cover story is a feature for Spark designed to feature and highlight important initiatives and be visually engaging. It is a large photo with text that can be customized and can be linked to any page specified by the program administrator. It is located at the top of the Spark dashboard.

Manage cover stories

To access, go to Manage > Content > Manage cover stories.

The Dashboard Manager Role allows program administrators to see a list view of all the cover stories in the Spark site. At a glance, any active cover story will have a green bar on the left hand side of the row where you see the cover story. When cover stories are set to appear in the future, they are marked with a yellow bar and a queued status and if the cover story has passed they are marked as grey and inactive.

Users can only see one cover story at a time. When there is multiple cover stories running simultaneously, that apply to the same person, the following rules apply to determine who sees what:

  • If the individual is eligible for multiple cover stories, then the cover story with more rules will be displayed on their dashboard.
  • If all the cover stories have same number of rules, then the cover story with shorter life span (i.e., from start date/time to end date/time) gets the priority.
  • If all of them have same number of rules and same life span, then the cover story started earlier is available.
  • If they have same number of rules, same life span, as well as same start date/time, then the cover story which was created earlier will show on their dashboard.

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