Accessing content resources

Content resources are created by Benevity to support and elevate your program. They can be leveraged by your program managers to include relevant content for key issues and awareness dates, and to provide timely crisis and disaster response. If you have Missions in your program, missions content is also included in content resources. 


Users with one of the following admin roles can access content resources: 

  • Campaign manager
  • Volunteer manager
  • Content manager
  • Dashboard manager
  • Missions manager

Content resources

Go to Manage > Content > Content Resources to access our resources. 

There are three categories of resources: 

  • Disaster and Crisis Relief includes content created in response to recent disasters and crises that happen around the world. 
  • Issues, Awareness and Key Dates includes scheduled content that aligns with the Upcoming content calendar. 
  • Missions includes mission and activity content and is only available if your program includes Missions. 

Content created within the past 7 days has the New status. Anything that has been updated since it was first published has the Updated status. The original published date and last modified date are displayed next to any resource.

Use the keyword search on the right to find a content resource based on its title. 

Resource download 

All resources can be downloaded and modified for your program before you share it with your employees. Select a resource to view the main body of content, associated cover images and additional resources that cover more details including an overview of the causes we’ve selected. 

You can download the complete resource in a .zip file by selecting Download All at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, select an individual image or resource that is relevant to download it. 

You can use the content resource as provided to create content for your program, or you can edit it for your specific program needs. 

Upcoming content 

Upcoming Content displays content planned by Benevity that will become available for download. Content is ordered by Content available date and you can see the following content details: 

  • Content available date
  • Themes
  • Content types included
  • Relevant countries 
  • Key awareness date
  • Content stream 

Image Gallery 

Image Gallery provides more stock imagery that you can download for your campaigns and other giving initiatives. Images are grouped based on the content theme. 

Benevity offers stock images exclusively for use in Spark, specifically for cover stories, news items, giving and volunteer opportunities, and Missions. These images cannot be used for any other purposes. Benevity owns, hosts, and licenses these images, whether they are used by you on Benevity's behalf or by Benevity itself.

Content notifications

As new resources are added or updated, you’ll be notified in the Action Items pane on the Admin Dashboard. Select View Content next to the item to go to content resources.

You can also be notified of the latest and greatest content directly to your email inbox. Go to Content Resources and select Manage Notifications to choose which content categories you’d like to subscribe to. 

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