Approving or declining a request

A grant request status can be set to Approved, Declined, or another status as part of your review process. The status can be updated manually by an assigned reviewer or as part of an automated workflow. 


Any user with a user role that allows setting grant status to Approved or Declined can take this action. To perform a review or update the status of a particular grant request, the user must also be assigned to that request. Read the request owner and assignee overview for more details. You can also manage users and user roles in Benevity Grants.

Update request status

To view the status of a grant request and update it: 

  1. Open the request. 
  2. Go to the Admin tab and review the Request status.
  3. Select Edit. 
  4. Choose a status in the Request status dropdown. If you select Declined, choose a reason for the decline. 
  5. Select Save. 


Approve a request from the Payments tab

You can save time by approving a request directly in the Payments tab when you want to update a payment's status. As the request must first be approved, a banner is displayed with this information. Select Approve request now to approve it. The status will automatically be updated in the request Admin tab.

Using approval workflows

Benevity Grants offers several options for review workflows that standardize your review process and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Some examples are:

These are add-on features. Please contact your Benevity Client Success Manager for more information. 

Approval email information

Approval confirmation emails can be sent to nonprofit contacts upon approval. If your emails are configured to include grant request amounts or in-kind items, you must add a payment before you approve a request. The payment status will be unprocessed until the request has been approved. 

Without a payment, the approval email will populate with $0 or no in-kind items. 


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