Completing a single decision review

As a grant reviewer with the authority to approve or decline a grant request, the Single decision review type allows you to update the grant status as you submit your review. 

Single decision review is an add-on feature in Benevity Grants. Please contact your Client Success Manager for more information. 

Before you begin

A request must have Review type set to Single decisions review to allow reviewers to add a single decision review to the request. The Review type is displayed on the Admin tab.  

You must be assigned to a request to complete a review. Your user role must also have permission to submit this type of review. The Start review button will be inactive if you do not have permission to submit a review.

Completing a single decision review

To start a single decision review:

  1. Open the request and select Start review on the right.
  2. In the Review window, enter any comments that support your decision. These comments will be displayed on the request Review tab.
  3. Select Approve or Decline.
    • If you decline the request, select a reason from the dropdown.
    • To add more decline reasons, contact your Benevity Client Success Manager.

All submitted reviews are displayed on the Review tab of a request. Learn more about managing your reviews

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