Making a recommendation

Grant reviewers can provide recommendations as part of the review process to suggest why a request should be advanced or declined. The final reviewer may choose to consider recommendations to help them make a final decision. 

Before you begin

A request must have Review type set to Recommendation to allow reviewers to add a recommendation to the request. The Review type is displayed on the Admin tab.  

You must be assigned to a request to complete a review. Your user role must also have permission to submit this type of review. The Start review button will be inactive if you do not have permission to submit a review.

Making a recommendation

To start a recommendation:

  1. Open the request and select Start review on the right.
  2. Enter comments in the Review window.
  3. Select Advance to recommend that the grant request is approved. 


  4. Select Reject and choose a reason from the dropdown to recommend that the grant request should be rejected.

All submitted review recommendations are displayed on the Review tab, where you can manage all reviews for the request. 



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