Complete a single decision review

Single decision review is an add-on feature in Benevity Grants. Please contact your Benevity Client Success Manager for more information. 

For the standard steps, go to approve or decline a grant request. If you have single decision review turned on, you can approve or decline a request using either method.


Before you start

Who can use single decision review? 

What if I have emails pulling request amounts or in-kind items? 

  • If you have emails set up to pull request amounts or in-kind items, you must add a payment line before you approve a request. 
  • If you don't add a payment line, the approval email will populate with $0 or no in-kind items. The payment line will remain editable and stay as unprocessed for the time being, as the payment process can’t begin until the request has been approved. 


Confirm you can approve or decline the request 

If the Start review button is inactive, you’ll need to confirm that the review is assigned to you, and that the review type is set to single decision review. 

An inactive start review button.

Here's how to confirm it:

  1. Open the request. 
  2. Go to the Admin tab. 

  3. Make sure the Review type is listed as Single decision review. If it’s not, select Edit, update the review type, and select Save.
  4. Make sure your name is listed under Assigned to. If it’s not, you’re not able to review the request. 


How to approve or decline the request

  1. Open the request.
  2. Select Start review.

  3. In the Review window, enter any comments you have about your decision. Note, depending on your site settings, you might not be able to move to the next step until you add comments. 
  4. Select Approve or Decline. If you decline the request, select the reason why from the listed options. If you want to add more options to the list, contact your Benevity Client Success Manager.

  5. Confirm your decision in the pop-up window. You're done!


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