Creating forms and adding a profile survey

As a program administrator, you can build a custom onboarding survey and display it to your employees when they register an account and open Affinity Groups. You can use data collected in the profile survey to segment reports and target communications & activities within Affinity Groups. We recommend keeping the profile survey short and only asking for the data you need.


Only program administrators can create or edit the profile survey. 

Adding a profile survey

To build a profile survey for your community go to Admin > Configure > Member Profile > Edit Profile Survey. This will launch the Activity Builder where you can design and customize the profile survey based on the needs of your organization and program. 

The Activity Builder has three components: Pages, Groups, and Blocks.  

  • Pages - provide a way to organize the display of your survey.  All profile surveys have only one page by default - this indicates that all questions will be included on the account registration page. Other surveys support multiple pages, but the profile survey does not. A page contains one or more groups. 
  • Groups - provide a way to organize the questions (blocks) you would like to include on the survey. You may create different groups to segment the way questions appear on the page. It is common to create a new group for each topic or theme you are including in your profile survey. A group contains one or more blocks. 
  • Blocks - blocks are essentially the questions, or types of information, that you would like to ask for in the survey. Each block has a defined format based on the question type. Example: Checkboxes, Country selection, Long Text, multiple choice, Province, Year, etc. 

By default, the profile survey will include one page, and one group, with blocks for First Name and Last Name. You can add and remove blocks based on your reporting needs. 

To add a new block to the profile survey: 

  1. Select Add block in the position where you want to include a new question type. Choose a type from the dropdown. 
  2. Select the Edit icon to customize the block.
  3. In the block editor, customize the field name, answers and additional configurations depending on the question type. 
  4. Select Apply changes at the bottom of the editor. 

To remove a block, hover over it and select the Remove (trash) icon.

Configuration options

  • Mark this question required - If checked, a user cannot complete the survey until an answer is provided. 
  • Set the min and max answers to select - controls if at least one or a maximum number of options can be selected when answering multiple choice or checkbox questions. 
  • Randomize order of answers - in multiple choice questions, this option will randomize the order of questions across users who view the survey. This is to help reduce placement bias in users' selections (placement bias could imply that there is a tendency for participants to always select the first answer in a list. Randomization helps prevent this). 
  • Restrict the length of the response - a character limit can be set for open-ended, - short or long text - responses. 

Including profile survey data in reports

A report titled Profile Response CSV is available in Admin under Analyze > Reports. This report gives an export of all profile response data provided by members who have signed in to Affinity Groups and completed the account creation process. 

A variety of other reports, notably the Group Membership CSV report and all of the Activity Insights reports allow profile data to also be optionally included in the download. This gives admins the ability to view membership or responses from members based on the answers provided in the profile survey (for example, the office location where employees are located, or their tenure at the company, if those questions were included in the survey). 

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