Composing an email

You can use the email function in your community to send company-wide updates and announcements or to send targeted messaging to certain segmentation groups.


Only program administrators can send an email. 

Composing an email

To compose an email, go to Admin > Communicate > Email, and select Compose. Complete the following details on each tab:

1. Content

  • What kind of email is this? Members must opt in to marketing emails to receive them. Members receive administrative emails as long as they have not opted out of all emails.
  • Program Objective: Assign the blog to a Program Objective.
  • Subject: Provide an email subject for your email.
  • Body: Enter the copy for your email.
    • Styles/Buttons: Hyperlinked text within your email can have a Style applied - most notably the Brand Button. This includes a clear call to action within your email.

The footers associated with your email are not editable from the email editor and can only be changed in Admin > Design > Content.

2. Recipients

  • All members: Email all members of the community, regardless of what Groups they belong to.
  • Specific members: If you are emailing just a few individuals, type their usernames.
  • Specific Groups: Select segmentations to email.
  • Non-members: Upload a CSV file and follow the instructions provided.

3. Preview

The Preview tab summarizes your recipients and provides a preview of the drafted email.

4. Schedule

Schedule your email to send at a specific time. The email is sent based on the time zone associated with your profile.

5. Confirm

The confirmation page offers one final review of the email’s deployment details.

Editing, deleting, exporting or duplicating emails

Emails can be edited, deleted, exported, or duplicated. To perform an action on an email:

  1. Go to Admin > Communicate > Email.
  2. Select the email’s Actions dropdown and choose your action.

Testing emails

To test an email:

  1. Navigate to the email editor Content tab.
  2. Select Send me a test email at the bottom of your page.
  3. You will receive a test email from the community. Check your spam or junk folders and mark the sender as safe.

Email statistics

To review the statistics of a sent email, go to Communicate > Email > Sent. Locate the email and select Actions > Statistics. Statistics include opens and clicks on the email and are updated every hour.

Program administrators can also access the Operational Marketing Email CSV report from Admin > Analyze.

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