Adding an alert

Alerts inform members of upcoming changes and events in their community. The alert appears at the top of the community page and is present on each screen until they are dismissed or expire. Once dismissed, the alert will not appear again.


Program administrators can create and manage alerts. 

Adding an alert

To manage alerts, go to Admin > Create > Alerts.

1. Select Add Alert and populate the following fields:

  • Title: This is not visible to community members.
  • Body: Alert text, or links. If you are using a community item's link, use the item’s Get Link URL.
  • Notes: For internal use only.
  • Access: Set restrictions as to who can see the alert.
  • Type: Choose the color of the alert.
  • Icon: Choose the icon paired the alert with.
  • Program Objective: Assign the banner to a program objective to display on the program calendar.

2. Test, schedule and publish your alert.

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