Program administrator reporting

Program administrators can access several community-wide program dashboards and reports by going to Admin > Analyze.

The data used for reporting does not include any activity by program administrators so that results are not skewed. Group leader activity is included in the data set.


Program administrators can access community-wide reports and dashboards in the Admin space.

Group leader dashboard

Program administrators and group leaders have access to the group leader dashboard to view group data.

Admin dashboard

To view the admin dashboard, go to Admin > Analyze > Dashboard. The data presented here provides key insights into community health.

Use the Group filter to:

  • View all member data.
  • View data for a resource or interest group.
  • View data for a segmentation group.


Program administrators can also report on program data using Reports. To view Reports, go to Admin > Analyze > Reports.

Reports are categorized as follows:

  • Operational CSV Reports: Data exports of member profile details and profile survey responses.
  • Activity Insights: Individual reports on activities.
  • Community Participation Insights: Community health metrics for engagement and participation.
  • Account Closure Requests

Note: Some reports use the following notation: 1 = yes, and 0 = no.

Operational CSV reports

The Operational CSV section lists:

  • Last Login: Last login date/time of members.
  • Marketing Email: Metrics for emails sent by the community.
  • Profile Response: Profile survey responses and participation metrics per member.
  • Tenure: Number of months of membership and days since the last login.
  • User Preferences: Member opt-in settings for community notifications.

Activity insights

Activity insights reports allow you to generate reports for community-wide activities. Choose the data filters for your report and Request Report Download.

The excel download includes the following tabs:

  • Summary includes high-level metrics and definitions.
  • Response holds all member responses.
  • Question tabs show the results of each question asked in the activity.
  • Glossary includes more definitions.

View individual activity report

You can also run a report from an activity:

  1. Go to Admin > Create > Activities, and select an activity.
  2. Select Actions > Report. A high-level summary of activity statistics is displayed.

Alternatively, export the report to Excel by selecting Get Report in the top right corner.

Community participation insights

There are several reports for overall participation of the community. Some reports are available to download to CSV, and others are timeline charts that can be downloaded as images.

Check the report Description for more details.

Key reports

As the community grows & matures, you’ll find which reports help you tell the best story and share insights with your stakeholders. Some of the most popular reports include:

  • Profile Response CSV: Data export of all profile survey responses. This is useful for demographic reporting and identifying trends between groups in your community.
  • Community Participation Overview – Summary: General participation metrics for all activities and challenges for each participant including their profile data.
  • Program Snapshot: A summary of all activity associated with a program over a specific period. This is useful to identify popular themes within your community.
  • Account Status & Log In Timeline Charts: Identifies activation spikes and login frequency in newer communities.
  • User Profile: Pre-built graphs and charts related to the profile survey.
  • Users with Participation: A list of participants who completed certain actions within a specified period. Helpful when promoting participation-based incentives. 
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