Group leader reporting

Group leaders can report on groups they are a leader of from the group leader dashboard. The data used for reporting does not include program administrator activity so that results are not skewed. Group leader activity is included in the data set.


Group leaders and program administrators can access group reporting from the group leader dashboard. 

Group leader dashboard

To view the group leader dashboard, select your avatar > Group Leader Dashboard. The dashboard displays charts that uncover trends in group engagement data. You can filter dashboards by date or group. 

Use the Group filter to:

  • View data for all groups you are a leader of.
  • View data for a single group.


Activity reports

Go to Group Leader Dashboard > Reports to view the Activity insights reports that provide data for a selected activity type. Open a report type to select filters and run a report.

Group leaders can also generate activity-specific reports from a group:

  1. Go to Group Leader Dashboard > Groups.
  2. Select a group and go to the Activities tab.
  3. Select Manage Activity > Report. A summary of activity engagement is displayed. 

Discussion reports

To generate a report of discussion posts, go to Group Leader Dashboard > Reports > ERGs. This report provides a list of all new discussion posts made, including the number of participants, submissions, comments, and likes.

Reporting on event attendance

To report on the attendance of an event:

  1. Go to Group Leader Dashboard > Groups.
  2. Select a group and go to the Events tab.
  3. Select an event.
  4. Locate the occurrence you would like to report on.
  5. Select Export attendees for this occurrence.

Reporting on membership

To report on group members by exporting a member list, refer to managing group members.


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