Additional actions available in a grant request or invitation

There are several actions you can take on a grant or invitation from the Actions pane displayed on the right side. 

Edit request

To protect the accuracy and intent of the original grant application, only edit an applicant’s request if it’s absolutely necessary. If you need the applicant to make changes to their application, use the ask for revisions function instead.

To edit a request:

  1. Open a request and select Edit request from the Actions section. 
  2. Edit the relevant fields. Note that some fields are locked for editing by the grants user. 
  3. Select Save Grant Request.

Delete request

It is recommended that you only delete requests if they have been created for testing or manually created in error. For all other requests, we recommend updating the status of a request to Declined (which may trigger an automated email) or Cancelled (if the request is not being considered). This maintains the accuracy of your program reporting. 

  1. Open a request and select Edit request from the Actions section. 
  2. Go to the bottom of the form and select Delete Grant Request

Approved requests with a payment that is processing or paid cannot be deleted.

Ask for revisions

Discussed in the article: Ask for revisions to resubmit a request.

Manage email

Discussed in the article: Manage your emails for grant requests and invitations.

Add attachment

To add an attachment to a request or invitation: 

  1. Open the request.
  2. Select Add attachment from the Actions section.
  3. Choose a file from your computer.
  4. (optional) Add a description for the file.
  5. Select Upload.

Attachment uploads are displayed on the Attachments tab, where you can also download or delete them. This tab includes attachments submitted by the cause, be careful not to delete them.  

Export PDF

To export a request or invitation to PDF: 

  1. Open the request or invitation and select Export PDF from the Actions section.
  2. In the pop-up window, choose which details to include in the PDF (request details, reviews and comments, cash and in-kind payments).
  3. Select Save & Export PDF.

Audit log

The audit log tracks all updates and actions on a request or invitation. You can see details of the action, the user that took the action, and the date. 

  1. Open the request or invitation. 
  2. Select Audit log from the Actions section.

The audit log displays actions ordered by date (newest to oldest). If you see a SYSTEM user, it means that the action was automated, such as an automated email notification to the cause.

Select Print to export the audit log to PDF or print it. 

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