Updating multiple requests with bulk actions

With bulk actions, you can update multiple requests at the same time. Repetitive tasks like assigning someone to six grant requests can be done in bulk, from the request management page.

Using bulk actions

  1. Go to Requests.
  2. Select the checkbox beside each request you want to edit. You must select at least one request.
  3. Select Bulk Actions > Edit.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the checkbox beside each field you want to edit. Choose an option from the dropdown.
  5. Select Apply.

You’re all done, the requests have been updated!

Frequently asked questions

The request was locked for editing so I couldn’t make the updates. What do I do?

You’ll need to go to the Admin tab and unlock the request. If you don’t have access to unlock it, contact your program administrator for help.

What request categories can I edit in bulk actions?

Select fields in the Admin section, such as request status, request owner, and request assignee can be edited in bulk.

You can also add a comment, which will show on all the requests selected. Fields that you have set up specific to your program will also show. When you open bulk actions, they’ll be listed under Request details.

When would I want to add an optional comment?

The comment field is meant to be rationale for a change, or to leave some information for future reviewers. Some examples of when you might use it would be to make a change when a request owner is on parental leave (“new request owner since previous is on paternal leave”) or when a request was categorized incorrectly (“these 3 requests are actually for the Midwest region”). Comments you add in the bulk actions window will show in the Review tab.

What happens if I use bulk actions to add a new user as a request owner or assignee, but the request already has an owner or assignee?

The new user you will override all of the existing users who were the owner or assignee.

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