Sharing group feeds with RSS

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed is a way to get the latest content from websites automatically. You can use RSS readers or apps to receive updates, so you don't have to keep visiting the website.

In Affinity Groups, you can create Group RSS Feed URLs for specific ERG or Group content. These feeds can be used with RSS readers or apps to share content directly to platforms like Slack or Teams, or internal spaces like message boards and intranet pages.


Program administrators and group leaders can generate Group RSS Feed URLs. Group leaders can only generate and manage RSS Feed URLs for the groups they lead. 

Generating Group RSS Feed URLs 

You can generate and manage RSS Feed URLs by going to Group Leader Dashboard > Groups.

To generate a new RSS URL:

  1. Select the Actions dropdown next to a group and choose Manage RSS URLs
  2. Select Generate new URL.
  3. Choose the Post visibility to control which posts will be included in the feed. 
    • Everyone in my company: includes posts that are visible to everyone.
    • Share with this group only: includes all posts that are shared with groups only.  
    • Share with leaders only: includes all posts that are shared only with group leaders. 

  4. Set an (optional) Expiry date to automatically deactivate the feed after a specific date. 
  5. Enter a Name for the RSS Feed URL. The name is only shown on the Manage RSS Feed URLs page. We recommend using a unique name for each feed URL that identifies where it will be shared. 
    • E.g. “Environmental Champions - Slack” indicates that the feed is for the Environmental Champions ERG’s slack channel.
  6. Select Generate to create the RSS Feed URL. 

Once an RSS Feed URL is generated, select the copy icon so that it can be pasted into another platform for viewing. 

Post Visibility 

To ensure that all posts in all groups are captured by the RSS Feed, select both 'Everyone in my Company' and 'Shared with this group only' options.

However, for a private channel including only Group Leaders, choosing 'Shared with leaders only' is advisable. This setting filters posts on Affinity Groups for Leaders into their private channel, making sure key communications are not overlooked.

Please be aware that the Feed URL and the content it displays from each group should be treated as publicly accessible. If the Feed URL is shared externally or on a public site, the content becomes visible to anyone who visits that site. To engage further or participate in the content, however, you must log in to Affinity Groups.

Validating a Group RSS Feed URL

Before sharing a Feed URL on another platform, you can validate it. First, generate and copy a Feed URL and then paste the complete URL into a new browser window or tab. A valid feed will provide an XML output in the browser.

Managing Group RSS Feed URLs 

If you generate an RSS Feed URL, it is saved and displayed in the Generated URLs section of the Manage RSS Feed URLs page. 

The Actions dropdown next to a URL allows you to: 

  • Copy URL: copy the URL to the clipboard. 
  • Edit: edit the Post visibility, Expiry date or Name of the URL. 
  • Archive: immediately disables the URL. 

Using Group RSS Feed URLs 

The main purpose of Group RSS Feed URLs is to connect them with an RSS Reader App. This lets posts from the ERG Group Feed automatically show up in places like Slack or Teams channels, or as an RSS widget on a SharePoint intranet page. Below, you'll find resources on using RSS Readers and Apps with these platforms.

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