Sharing Content

Sharing community content

You can copy a link to community content by selecting the three-dot icon found in the top-right corner of the submission. Select Share > Link.

Do not copy the URL from your browser if you want to share a link to community content. Your user role impacts the address so it will not function the same for other users.

Visibility of group content

Program administrators and group leaders can decide if group content should be visible to:

  • Everyone in the company (public)
  • The group only (private)
  • Group leaders only (applicable to only the group leaders of that specific group)

Polls, quick questions, quizzes

The selected audience can submit responses to the content. Member submissions to a poll,

quick question or quiz are not shown publicly to other members, regardless of the setting.


Regardless of whether a group is public or private, discussion posts made by members are only visible to other members of that group.

Group leaders can create discussion posts with different visibility settings depending on the purpose. The selected audience can comment and “like” the post.

Note: If a leader of a private group creates a public discussion post, the comments and engagement with that post are visible to all employees, possibly affecting the individual privacy of group members.


Resources are shared with the community according to the visibility settings.


Events are shared with the community according to the visibility settings. The selected audience can view the event details and RSVP.

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