Testing, scheduling, and publishing community activities, banners, and alerts

It is important to test any content before it is shared with your community. You can see what content will look like, test the expected behaviour and interact as a respondent. 


Program administrators can perform testing and publish community activities, banners and alerts. 


To test an activity, banner or alert: 

  1. Go to Admin > Create > Activities, Banners or Alerts.
  2. Select the item’s corresponding Actions dropdown > Move to Testing.
  3. Select OK.

The content is in the testing tab. Select Actions > View Public to view the content as it will appear to members. You can also see it in My Feed. As it is in testing mode, it is not visible to general members but can be found by program administrators or the activity testers segmentation.

Test the content by processing a full submission. If you are testing an activity that features conditional logic, test all answers for the correct logic. You can only make sample submissions on a poll, quick question, or quiz once, and to the maximum limit on an activity. To process more test submissions, select the Reset option from the items Actions. If you dismiss an alert or banner and need to test it again, disable testing and re-do the test. Test submissions are removed when published and are not reported on.

To remove an item from testing:

  1. Select the item's Actions > Disable testing.
  2. Select OK.

Schedule publishing

Once you are happy with your content you can schedule and publish it for a set period:

  1. Go to Admin > Create > Activities, Banners or Alerts.
  2. Select the item’s corresponding Actions > Publish.
  3. Choose whether to Publish immediately or select a start date.
  4. Choose whether there is No end date or select an end date.
  5. Select Save schedule.

The content will appear in the community on the start date. You can edit the schedule of any unpublished content by selecting Actions > Edit Schedule.

Published content is moved to the Published tab of the activity table. If you would like to make changes to the content, go to Actions > Unschedule to move it to drafts.

Deleting and inactivating content

Drafted content can be deleted by selecting Actions > Delete.

Once an item has been published, it can only be inactivated. Go to Actions > Inactivate.

To reactivate an item, go to Actions > Reactivate.

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