Creating custom labels

Custom labels allow you to organize, identify, and categorize groups and chapters within the Affinity Groups platform. Labels help to streamline discoverability and enhance reporting across important aspects of your program. 

Program administrators can create and manage labels and label groups by going to Admin > Create > Custom Labels.


Only program administrators can create and configure custom labels and label groups. 

Creating label groups

First, you can create a label group to organize your labels by purpose or theme. E.g. Country or Strategic Pillar. You don't have to create a group if you’d prefer not to group labels. 

To create a label group: 

  1. Go to the Label Groups tab and select Create new label group
  2. Enter a Label group name and select Save

Your group is added to the Label Groups tab. Use the Actions dropdown to Edit or Delete it.  

Creating a label

Labels categorize groups and chapters, making them easier to find and report on. Labels are organized into a label group. 

To create a label: 

  1. Go to the Labels tab and select Create new label.  
  2. Enter a Label name
  3. Choose a Label group and select Save. The label is saved in a Default group if you have not created any groups. You can edit this label later if you want to. 

Your label is added to the Labels tab. Use the Actions dropdown to Edit, Delete, or Archive it. An archived label is not visible to program participants but is available in reporting with its associated groups or chapters. 

Adding custom labels to groups and chapters

When you create a label, it is available to categorize groups and chapters in the editor. 

To add custom labels to a group or chapter:

  1. Go to the Group Leader Dashboard > Groups.
  2. Find the group or chapter you’d like to add a label to. 
  3. Select Actions > Edit to edit the group details. 
  4. Go to Custom labels on the Group Details tab. Choose one or more labels from the dropdown menu. Labels are categorized under their label group.

  5. Select Save Changes to apply the chosen Labels. 

Reporting on custom labels

You can report on custom labels in the Group Membership CSV report. This report is accessed by going to Admin > Analyze > Reports > Operational CSV Reports

Select the report and choose filters based on groups, group categories, chapters, or labels. To select multiple options, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • On Mac: command + select
  • On PC: ctrl + select

Select Request Report Download to generate the report with the applied filters. If you do not select any filters, all groups are included in the report export and filtering can take place in Excel, Google Sheets, etc. 

Filtering on custom labels 

Program participants can filter groups by custom labels on the All Groups page. If the label applies to a chapter, the parent group is displayed in search results. Select the parent to see its associated chapters. 

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