Updating group details

Group details are typically the first thing a new member will see when they visit your group and request to join.


Both program administrators and group leaders can update group details.

Edit group details

To update the details of an existing group:

  1. Go to the group management page and locate the group you would like to update.
  2. Select Manage group > Edit.
  3. Update the group details and select Save Changes.

Group details

  • Group type: Is it an employee resource or interest group?
  • Group Name: Name the group.
  • Chapter is the location or coverage of a group. If the field is left blank, it will automatically display as “Company-wide” for all members.
  • About this group: A description of the purpose of the group.
  • Privacy Settings: Is it a public or private group?
  • Welcome message: Included if a group is public. Members will see it when they join.
  • Join questions: Included if a group is private. You can add up to 3 questions for new members joining the group.
  • Images: Upload images for the group banner and tile.
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