Setting up a new group

Depending on your program needs, you can create employee resource groups or interest groups to engage employees in the program.

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Only program administrators can create a new group in the community. Group leaders do not have access to the admin space; they can manage and update details for the groups they lead from the group leader dashboard.

Program administrators can only create interest groups if they are enabled for the program.

Creating a group

To create a new employee resource or interest group:

  1. Go to Admin > Create > ERGs. This page allows you to manage all groups.
  2. Select Add group and enter the group details.
  3. Select Save Changes.

Group details

Group details must be entered to create a group, however, details can be updated by a group leader at any time.

  • Group type 
  • Group name
  • Chapter is the location or coverage of a group. If the field is left blank, it will automatically display as “Company-wide” for all members.
  • About this group
  • Privacy Settings
  • Welcome message is included if a group is public. Members will see it when they join.

Assigning a group leader

To assign a group leader to the group:

  1. Locate your new group in the Manage Groups list.
  2. Select the Manage group dropdown next to it and choose Add Leader.
  3. Enter the leader username or email and select Add new leader.
    • If the leader has not registered an account within the community, no results will return for the leader profile. Select Automatically add this user when they register.

You have a new group leader!

Publishing a group

A program administrator can publish a new group when all group details and content are complete and finalized with the group leader. A published group is visible to members of the community.

To publish a group:

  1. Go to Admin > Create > ERGs and choose the group you would like to publish.
  2. Select Manage group > Publish group.

Note that you can also access the Manage group dropdown from the group details page when you open a group.

Inactivating or reactivating a group

To inactivate or reactivate a group:

  1. Go to Admin > Create > ERGs and locate the group you would like to inactivate or reactivate.
  2. Select Manage group > Inactivate group/Reactivate group

Inactivating a group removes it from the community, making it inaccessible to members. An inactive group can still be reported on.

Note that you can also access the Manage group dropdown from the group details page when you open a group.

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