Adding group events

Events are an essential component of running a successful group; whether it’s organizing times to volunteer together, celebrating cultural milestones and movements, or hosting opportunities for others to learn about our differences and lived experiences.


Only group leaders can create events for their own groups. Program administrators cannot create community events. 

Adding an event

To add an event go to Group Leader Dashboard > Groups > Events and select Add event.

Complete the following event details:

  • Decide if you want to display event on the Leader Calendar.
  • Who can attend this event? Setting an event open to Anyone in the company means that for all individuals, it will appear within the group itself, and within the main calendar found on the My Feed view.
  • Event type. Depending on the event type, the fields relating to date, time and location will change.
  • Event name is visible to individuals.
  • Event description for the event.
  • Start/ End date and time.
  • Location is posted to the event page as a Google map search.
  • Meeting URL if virtual or hybrid.
  • Additional notes
  • If multiple occurrences of an event are needed, select Add another occurrence. Up to 10 occurrences can be added per event.
  • Add Images to display on the event tile listing, as well as the banner of the event page.
  • Organizer Information will display within the contact section found on the event details page.

Featured opportunities are added after an event is saved. Open the Events page, find your event and select Manage Event > Edit, and go to the bottom to add an opportunity.

Once your event is created, select Manage Event > Publish to publish it to the group.

Testing events

To test your event, go to Manage Event > View public. If the event is hosted in person or hybrid, check the Google maps location.

Editing, unpublishing and deleting an event

To edit an existing event, select Manage Event > Edit.

To unpublish a published event, select Manage Event > Unpublish event.

To delete a drafted event, select Manage Event > Delete.


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