Adding group resources

Group leaders have a dedicated space to share important links and document uploads, such as learning and educational resources, process documents, meeting recordings or webinars, and anything else that should be easily discoverable.

Resources are found on the Group resources tab of the group page. This tab is only displayed if at least one resource is published.


Group leaders can add resources to a group they are a leader of.

Program administrators can add resources to any group. 

Adding a resource

To add a resource to a group:

  1. Go to Group Leader Dashboard > Groups > Resources.
  2. Select Add new resource.
  3. Choose if you are sharing a link or a document from the dropdown menu.
  4. Populate the required fields and identify which audience should have access to this resource.
  5. Your resource will be tagged as Unpublished. To publish your resource, select Manage resource > Publish next to the resource.

Editing, unpublishing and deleting resources

To edit an existing resource, select Manage resource > Edit.

To unpublish an existing resource, select Manage resource > Unpublish.

To delete an existing resource or draft, select Manage resource > Delete.

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