Creating waitlists for volunteer shifts

As a volunteer opportunity administrator, you can enable waitlists to ensure that shifts are as full as possible and that the maximum number of volunteers have a chance to contribute their time and skills. 

Enabling the waitlist

In the Shifts tab of the volunteer opportunity creation form, check the Enable waiting list box in Additional Options. When all available shifts are full the waitlist option is enabled.

If a space in a shift becomes available, everyone on the waitlist receives an email notifying them that the space is available. They can then sign up for the shift on a first-come first-served basis.

Note: There's no limit to how many people can join the waitlist, and the order in which they join doesn't determine their spot in line. Once someone takes an available spot, they're off the list.

Viewing the waitlist

To view the waitlist, go to the volunteer opportunity page and select Sign-ups at the top. In the sign-up table, you'll see the names of those who have signed up for the Waitlist shift.

You can select them and use Bulk Operations to Move to Signup or Move to Waitlist to help you manage the names on the waitlist.

Disable waitlist

In the Shifts tab of the volunteer opportunity creation form, uncheck the Enable waiting list box to disable this option.

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