Auto-archiving volunteer opportunities

General Availability: June 19th

Maintaining up-to-date and engaging volunteering content is crucial for a successful program. You can manually archive content or automatically archive outdated volunteer events after a specified period, ensuring that employees are presented with only the most relevant and current opportunities. 


Users with the following user roles can configure auto-archive settings:

  • role manager
  • site settings manager

Archiving or unpublishing?

Archiving is perfect for completed opportunities. The page remains accessible via direct link, allowing volunteers to track time, cancel their sign-up if they didn’t attend, or view uploaded photos.

Archived opportunities: 

  • Do not appear in search results.
  • Are removed from Featured Content if they were featured.
  • Can be duplicated if an authorized user wants to create a new opportunity.

You can unpublish pages that are not ready to be published or published by mistake. Unpublished pages won't appear in search results or through direct links.

Configuring the auto-archive period

You can choose when to automatically archive volunteer opportunities after their last shift has ended. The opportunity won't archive automatically if it has a shift without an end date. Archiving happens every 15 minutes, which may cause a slight delay.

To choose when an opportunity is archived: 

  1. Go to Manage > Site Settings > Volunteer Settings. Here, you’ll find the Automatically archive volunteer opportunities settings under Content Management

  2. Choose the desired interval between the last shift’s end date and the automatic archiving date:
    • 24 hours after last shift
    • 72 hours after last shift
    • 7 days after last shift
    • 14 days after last shift
    • Never automatically archive
  3. Select Update Settings to confirm your choice. 

When the auto-archive setting is updated, all eligible opportunities are archived. If you have a number of outdated opportunities, this may take some time. 

Eligible volunteer opportunities

If you’ve enabled auto-archiving and specified a time delay, volunteer opportunities are archived when they meet the following criteria: 

  • All shifts have end dates. They are not open-ended. 
  • The last shift end date has passed.
  • The specified interval between the last shift end date and the archive date has elapsed.

Finding archived opportunities 

To access opportunities that were archived manually or automatically:

  1. Go to Manage > Bulk Manager
  2. Set the Published Status filter to Archived
  3. Select Apply to view the results. 

You can also apply other filters to narrow your results. From here, you can view archived opportunities and take action from the Choose an Action dropdown at the top of the page or the Manage dropdown next to the opportunity. 

Managing shifts in archived opportunities

If someone makes an error or wants to change a shift in an archived opportunity, they can view their volunteer Commitments in their profile and open the opportunity. Then, choose Manage My Shift to edit or cancel the sign-up so that they can track their time accurately. 

Opportunity administrators can also access the archived opportunity and have the option to Unarchive Opportunity on the main page if necessary.

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