Sending or scheduling a survey

Send follow-up surveys to grantees via email, so that you can learn more about your investments and tell your company’s impact story. You can send follow-up surveys immediately or choose a specific date in the future.

To schedule and send a survey:

  1. Open a grant request and go to the Follow-up tab.
  2. Select Schedule or send a new survey.
  3. Review the contact details and include a CC/BCC contact if required.
  4. Your company may have email templates in different languages. Select a Language to populate the email fields. Subject and message fields can also be updated directly. Use the merge tags to pull information from the request into the email. 


  5. Select the Timing option to choose to send the survey immediately or at a later date.
  6. Select the Expiry option to choose to expire the survey after one month or at a different date.
  7. Select Send.

Your survey will be sent according to the schedule. To view the email, select Manage email in the Actions menu on the request. 


Want your surveys to go out automatically?

We can help with that! Reach out to your Client Success Manager and to get started.

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