Exporting survey responses

When you receive survey responses from your grantees, you may want to export them for review outside of the platform, in a PDF or CSV file. 

Export as a PDF

To export a single survey response to PDF: 

  1. Open a request with a survey and go to the Follow-up tab.
  2. Find the completed survey and select Actions > View response to see survey questions and answers. 
  3. To export the response, select Export as PDF.

Export as a CSV

You can use the Advanced Search tool to filter requests and export request data to CSV. To export survey data:

  1. Go to Tools > Advanced Search.
  2. Choose between the options listed under the Follow-up surveys and Follow-up responses filter dropdowns.


  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select Search.
  4. Select the checkbox next to requests to export a subset of results. To export all search results, do not select any request checkboxes. To export the surveys for these requests to CSV, select Export > Surveys.



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