Displaying user budgets on the dashboard

To manage matching and volunteer rewards programs, you must have set up associated budgets in Spark. The Per user amount specified on a budget defines the amount of rewards a user has access to. Learn more about budgets

An employee's available matching or volunteer rewards are displayed on the dashboard below their profile. The display name of the employee rewards allowance can be customized to match your internal program. Employees can then track their usage and remaining rewards, making it easy for them to monitor their impact and encourage participation in the program.



Users with the dashboard manager user role can manage how user budgets are displayed on dashboards. 

Managing user budget display on the dashboard

To view all user budgets, go to Manage > Site Settings > Dashboard Budget Display.


To update an individual user budget display: 

  1. Locate the budget you want to update and select Edit.
  2. Choose whether to Show on Dashboard. The budget is displayed if the checkbox is selected (default on)

  3. Enter a Custom Display Name (optional)
    • If nothing is entered, the display name defaults to “Matching” (if it is a Matching budget), “Volunteer Rewards” (if it is a Volunteering budget) or “Matching and Volunteer Rewards” (if it is an All budget)
    • Custom budget display names are not translated when users select different site languages. 
  4. Select Save Budget.

Budget display examples

Dashboard display for a Volunteer Rewards budget.


Dashboard display for a combined budget of Matching and Volunteer Rewards.


Dashboard display for two separate budgets for Matching and Volunteer Rewards.


Dashboard display for two separate budgets for Education and Matching.


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