Understanding standard budgets

Budgets can be simple or complex depending on your program needs. Here, you will learn about a simple budget setup and considerations for managing your own budgets.

Before you begin

Learn the Budget basics to help you gain a foundational understanding of your budgets.


Standard budget hierarchies

If you have the standard budget setup, it is likely your budgets in a given currency are configured in one of the following ways:

  1. Only an All budget. 

Best practice for a blended rewards program:

  • Updates to the Budget amount on the All budget affects all corporate spending.
  • Updates to the Per user amount on the All budget affects the total of matching and volunteer rewards you wish to provide to employees.
  1. Parent All budget 
    • Child Matching budget                  
    • Child Volunteering budget

In this situation, the All budget covers spending on matching and volunteering rewards, along with corporate transactions. The child budgets are set to establish specific limits for each type of reward.

Considerations for budget updates

When managing your budgets, it's important to understand the relationship between them. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid overriding the limits set for Matching or Volunteering budgets with the All budget limit. Why? Because if you reach the All budget limit first, the redemption of matching or volunteer rewards will come to a halt. In other words, you won't be able to distribute rewards to those who have earned them.

The following rules should be followed when updating amounts:

  • Budget Amounts (Corporate Limit)
    All Budget Amount >= (Volunteering Budget Amount) + (Matching Budget Amount)
  • Per User Amounts (Employee rewards cap)
    If you want to offer specific amounts for matching or volunteering rewards, you should only have a Per user amount in the Matching and Volunteering budgets, not the All budget. 
  • Make sure that the Budget amount sufficiently covers the Per user amount for all employees who affect the budget and have accepted the terms of use. 
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