Creating a multi-country giving opportunity

A Giving Opportunity is a featured initiative that empowers all of your people to donate toward a common goal or cause. Plus, it's a great way to increase engagement by bringing people together (wherever they are) to make a greater impact.

Depending on your site configuration, a Giving Opportunity can be created by you, the program manager, or by your people, if you’ve allowed them to do so through user-generated content. A multi-country Giving Opportunity will allow you, the content creator, to add causes from multiple countries to one Giving Opportunity. This means you can set up a single, high impact, global campaign with the most relevant causes from anywhere in the world.

Your people can effectively search for campaigns across the globe, while you, as program leaders, can create content more efficiently for your people.  

We’ve made a few updates to the Giving Opportunity Creation Form to allow for multi-country giving! Here are a few notable changes for consideration when you’re ready to promote your first Giving Opportunity across multiple Spark experiences:


1. You can now attach multiple causes across multiple countries

In the attach causes section, you can now filter by country, which allows you to search and filter for any cause in any country (subject to your program filters). 


2. Your people will see their progress in their respective currencies

If you’d like to see a donation progress bar once the opportunity is live and your people start making donations, a donation goal must be set. Once set, the progress bar will be displayed in the currency of the user.


3. Feature your opportunity globally! 

When featuring opportunities, you are now able to select multiple countries (or all) which will make it easier to feature your Giving Opportunities in all experience countries.


4. Special matching in the correct currency

If you are adding an increased match to a multi-country Giving Opportunity, you must select the currency you are matching in. If you’d like to add matching across multiple currencies, reach out to for assistance!


How does this impact your users?

If your users are giving to causes across borders, they will see a notification before they submit their donation. Cross-border giving is not tax effective, so instead of an official tax receipt your people will receive a donation acknowledgement when supporting a multi-country campaign.

Your people will still be donating in their own currency (reflective of their Spark experience). The funds will be divided evenly across the causes attached to the Giving Opportunity and then disbursed in the preferred currency of the cause.


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