Creating a giving opportunity

Raise funds and awareness for a cause that you're passionate about by creating a giving opportunity in Spark. Giving opportunities are often used for disaster relief, holiday campaign drives, or company fundraising.

Scroll down for the steps to follow. You can also check out this short how-to video if you prefer to learn by watching.

To get started, hover over the Make a Donation tab on the top navigation bar and select Create a Giving Opportunity. The form will open and you can begin filling out the info in each of the sections.


Skip to a section of the form:

Basic Info

The Basic Info section is where you outline the goals and purpose of your giving opportunity. The more information you add, the more searchable your content becomes. Add an opportunity name, summary, description, and custom content tags.

You can use the tags as search filters. They're also reportable. If you don't see the custom content tags, speak with your Benevity Client Success Manager to turn them on. Once on, you can add and edit tags by going to Manage > Content > Manage Custom Tags.


Peer Matching

The Peer Matching section lets you use your own funds to match the donations of your peers. Select Turn on Peer Matching for this Giving Opportunity. Enter the maximum donation amount that you would like to match. This amount will display in the Peer Match pool on the giving opportunity. When people open the giving opportunity, they'll see that a Peer Match pool has been created, and that they can add a match of their own to the pool. Learn more about Peer Matching.


Donation Progress

Allow your people to track their impact in real-time by adding in a Donation Goal in the Donation Progress section. Select the currency and add in the totals for a thermometer-like bar to display once donations begin to be added.

The checkboxes allow you to exclude a goal altogether, or simply remove the totals from the progress your people can see on the tracker.


Attach Causes

Add all causes you’d like to support through this initiative.

Find and attach causes by using keywords in the search bar and then clicking the +Add button when you've found the cause you're looking for.  

You can add as many causes as you like to an opportunity, and each donation will be split evenly amongst them.

If you have Benevity One World enabled, you are able to attach causes from multiple countries to giving opportunities. If you’d like to encourage cross border support, remember that any donation made to a multi-country giving opportunity will be non-tax effective, and the donor will receive a donation acknowledgement vs an official tax receipt.


Add Image

Images can help draw more attention to your Opportunity, so be thoughtful and creative when considering images to promote your initiative.

The Giving Opportunity Image will be visible in the top right corner of the event and will be the thumbnail people see when browsing Opportunities. The Community Impact Portal Image will only be visible on the CI Portal once you have chosen to feature this Giving Opportunity on the Landing Page or Donation Page grids on the CI Portal.

Be sure to consider the requirements for file and image size as well as allowable extensions before uploading an image. The maximum file size is 100 MB and it must be larger than 300 x 225 pixels. The allowed extensions are png, gif, jpg, jpeg.



In the Sharing section, you can include links to websites and social channels for donors to reference if they're looking for more information.



Since users can search and filter Opportunities based on the interests they've selected in their profile, you may decide to indicate which interests align with this Opportunity. Simply click the +See all interest tags link and select all that apply.  



Determine if the opportunity will be available by invite only or visible to everyone based on the classifications selected above.    

Selecting By Invitation will limit visibility to those who have been provided with the URL of the published opportunity.



You'll most likely want the default matching applied to your opportunity. Reach out to if you would like to set up matching across currencies or across countries, or if your program is using custom budget tags and you would like to set up an increased match within a giving opportunity.


Date and Time

Date and Time section allows you to set the start and end date for this opportunity, that was probably pretty obvious though. If you are setting a future date for the opportunity, any approved but unpublished opportunities will automatically publish on the date and time specified.

If there is no end date set, the giving opportunity will remain open until it is manually closed.


Admin Options 

The Admin Options section is for program administrators only, and is where more specific details about the Opportunity are configured. 

Source indicates if the Opportunity has been created by the company or a user.  

Approval Status indicates if the request has been approved, denied or queued for administrator review.  

Check the Publish box once you're ready for the Giving Opportunity to be visible by donors in your program.   

Want to add this Opportunity to the Featured Giving Opportunities? Select the country or countries you want to target with this Opportunity. You can select more than one by holding the "Command" or "Control" key as you click each country.   

Your extended community (friends and family outside of the organization) can also access this opportunity via the Community Impact Portal if you check the associated box.  

You can also link a Giving Opportunity to an Associated Volunteer Opportunity you've created for cross-promotion within your program. Simply enter keywords into the search bar and then select the Opportunity that appears.   

Target specific demographic groups using Custom Classifications. These available options will be set up for you during implementation and if selected here, any user associated with any of the fields selected will see this content by default. You can select more than one by holding the "Command" or "Control" key as you click each selection.



Once you’ve reviewed all the necessary information, press Submit and the opportunity will either be published immediately or sent for administrator review, depending on your site configuration. And remember, you can come back and Edit or Unpublish the event whenever you like.

Here's what the opportunity will look like once it's been published...


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