Volunteering dashboard

To open the admin dashboard, sign in to your Spark site and select Manage from the top-right corner of the screen. 

Scroll down and select the Volunteering tab. You can modify the content by selecting the Filter dropdown menu. The date dropdown is by calendar year. The country dropdown indicates each of the instances you have available. 


Volunteer participation graph

Shows the monthly participation rate for the year and country selected. Numbers shown are volunteers who tracked time, during the selected time period, divided by the number of eligible users. 


More info:

  • Only shows approved volunteer time.
  • The large number in the top-left corner shows the current annual participation rate for the year and country selected.

Volunteer hours graph

Shows the total number of volunteer hours that have been submitted and approved for the year and country selected. 


More info:

  • Previous month numbers can change as volunteer time submissions could be approved after the month or year has closed. 

Year-on-year trends graph

Shows monthly or cumulative year-on-year comparisons. Available for all data sets referenced above. Example below shows the monthly and cumulative graphs for volunteer participation data.


Terms used in the graphs

  • Volunteers: This is a distinct number of people who have submitted volunteer time during the Year selected through the filter. Each volunteer submission must be approved or auto-approved for a user to count as a volunteer.
  • Users signed up: This is a distinct count of the number of users who have signed up for a volunteer shift within Spark in the year selected.
  • Year: Applies to when the user signed up, not when the volunteer opportunity took place. 
  • Median volunteer hours: How much a typical user volunteered in the year selected. 
  • Causes supported: This is the number of unique causes that benefitted through volunteering, calculated using the submitted and approved volunteer hours with the year. 
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