Giving dashboard

The Giving dashboard provides high-level reporting on your giving program. You can filter data by calendar year or the country experience users are mapped to. All amounts are shown in the local currency of the selected country.

To access the Admin Dashboard, select Manage in the top-right corner of the screen. It is the first page that you land on, however, it is also accessed by selecting the Dashboard tab. 


Key stats

The following numbers are affected by the applied filters. 

Eligible users: the total number of users that were active at some point in the selected year. Users who were also deactivated in the same year are counted as eligible users. This provides accurate reporting over the course of the year. 

Donors: the number of unique users who donated. 

Accepted terms of use: the number of eligible users who have accepted the terms of use, divided by the number of eligible users.  

Median user donation: the median amount donated by a user. 

Causes supported: the number of unique causes supported by user donations. It does not include causes donated to through corporate donations, gift cards, PAC matching or Community Impact Portal donations.


The following graphs are displayed on the admin Giving dashboard. User donations include approved external match requests. They do not include the amount of My Funds top-ups or earned My Rewards in giving accounts. When My Funds or My Rewards are donated, they become user donations. The data does not include any corporate donations or Community Impact Portal donations.   

As you review these graphs over time, note that some donations are backdated to the date of intent (the day the user submitted the donation), therefore data for previous months can change as payroll periods are committed or external match requests are approved. 

Donation participation

The large number on the graph shows the current annual participation rate for the year and country selected. The graph shows the monthly participation rate. The participation rate is calculated by the number of distinct users who donated, divided by the number of eligible users. 

This graph is helpful for highlighting when users are giving throughout the year. You can see which campaigns were successful and which disasters had the largest response. 


User donation amount/corporate match

The large numbers on the graph show the current annual amount users have donated and the corporate match for those donations, for the year and country selected. This amount relates only to matches on user donations and does not include any other corporate donations.


Donation method

This graph shows the percentage of donations that are made with each payment method (e.g. payroll, credit card, PayPal). 


Donation recurrence graph

This graph shows the percentage of the total donation amount that was donated as a one-time, recurring or unspecified donation. “Unspecified” generally refers to external match requests. It is a percentage of the amount that was donated, not the number of individual donations. 


Year-on-year trends

These graphs display monthly or cumulative year-on-year comparisons for some of the graphs described above.


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