Creating a user list

For the second step in seeding rewards, you’ll need to upload a .csv, .xlsx or .xls file including the users for seeding. .xls and .xlsx files must be version 2007 or above. This file should contain a single column filled with the employee IDs or email addresses of the accounts you wish to seed. This step is crucial for identifying and organizing the user accounts for the next stages of the process. 

Note: email addresses are case-sensitive and must match the email in the user's spark profile. e.g. USER1@BENEVITY.COM, or

You can create a user list in several ways: 

Download the sample template from the Add Users step of the seeding process

This method is the simplest if you have a few users to seed and know their identifiers. 

Update the template by following these steps: 

  1. Delete the example email addresses and employee IDs in the first column. 
  2. Enter employee email addresses or employee IDs for the users you want to seed. Make sure that you choose either an email address or employee ID to identify all users and enter one per row. 

Generate a user list in Benevity Reporting.

This method is easiest when you need to seed many users but don't know all their IDs. To access Benevity Reporting, you must have the reporting manager user role. This role lets you filter and create reports in Benevity Reporting, which is essential for this process. 

Generate a list in Benevity Reporting by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to Benevity Reporting.
  2. Open a stock report or ad-hoc report that helps you get the user list you need. Make sure that it includes a column for employee ID or email address. 
  3. Apply filters to get the list of users you want to seed. 
  4. Export the report to .csv, .xlsx or .xls format. Learn more about generating and exporting stock reports.
  5. Delete all columns except the employee ID or email address column. There should be only one column in the file. 
  6. Save your file. 

When you have a complete user list, continue with the Add Users step to seed rewards to user Giving Accounts

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