Moderating your community

Program administrators and group leaders have the tools to moderate community content to make sure it remains a safe and engaging space.


Program administrators and group leaders can take these actions on community posts:

  • Edit posts.
  • Lock posts so that no additional comments or liking will be possible.
  • Censor immediately deletes a post made by a member.
  • Feature posts for greater visibility.
  • Share links to a member submission.
  • Modify feed score option is tied to the algorithm of content prominence within the feed. A group leader or program administrator can boost or demote the score of a particular post to move it up or down the feed accordingly.

From Admin, program administrators can additionally:

  • View all content created by members.
  • Review reported content from other members.
  • Manage flagged users.
  • Manage a list of banned IPs.
  • Manage a list of banned words.

Reviewing member content

Program administrators can review all content that has been submitted to the community by going to Admin > Moderate > Member Content.

Search and filter content to perform your review. Use the Single Action dropdown menu to:

  • Censor/Uncensor to remove from or re-instate something to the community.
  • Clear Flags to clear any reported content.
  • Lock to prevent commenting or future engagement.
  • View in Public to see the original post.

Reporting content

Community members, group leaders and program administrators can report content for review.

Reported content is not automatically removed from the community. A program administrator must review reported content before it is removed.

To review reported content:

  1. Go to Admin > Moderate > Reported Content. If content is reported by community members, it is listed here.
  2. Review content and select the Actions dropdown to:
    • View content in the community.
    • Censor content immediately.
      1. Enter a reason for the censor.
      2. Decide if you’d like to notify the original poster via email.
      3. Confirm and select Censor this content.
    • Clear Reports to clear the item flag if it is cleared.

Censored content is not included in community reports. 

Banned IPs

Program administrators can ban IP addresses of individuals who routinely break community rules. 

To ban an IP:

  1. Go to Admin > Moderate > Banned IPs.
  2. Select Add Banned IP.
  3. Enter the required information and select Ban.

Excluded words

Every community has a list of excluded words that are usually deemed offensive and are not permitted in the community. If content includes a word that appears on the excluded words list, it is not allowed in the community.

To add a word to the Excluded Words list:

  1. Go to Admin > Moderate > Excluded Words.
  2. Enter a new word in the field at the top of the list and select Add.

To remove a word from the excluded words list, select the checkbox next to the word and Remove selected words

Guiding principles

Some groups will address challenging or sensitive discussion topics, so it’s important for everyone to feel safe and supported in their sharing and learning journeys. When employees sign up, they are required to read and accept guiding principles for safe and inclusive community participation.

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