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Inspire employees to take part in climate action

Over the past few years, climate action and ESG initiatives have become a top priority across workplaces and boardrooms.  Taking on an issue that affects the entire planet can feel too big to tackle. But at the heart of it, climate change is really a human issue. And we humans can do something about it.

Importance of individual actions 

Involving your employees in climate action can result in measurable impact — in addition to improving employee retention2 and your bottom line, as shown in this EY study.3

The best part is that your employees want to be involved in doing the right thing for the environment. And not just on Earth Day, but year-round. Now, there's an exciting opportunity to empower your employees to be a key part of your overall efforts.

Climate Action program resources

  • Activation Kit: Take Climate Action on Earth Day and Beyond 🔒
    • This kit contains everything you need to take part in climate action including volunteer opportunities, lists of vetted organizations to support, and micro-action libraries pre-loaded with activities that can help individuals live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint year-round.
  • How TC Energy Used Missions to Increase Impact and Engage More Employees 
    • See how this North American infrastructure company boosted participation and impact for remote workers using micro-actions during Environment Week.
  • Missions: Climate Action with Count Us In 🔒
    • Access a library of climate-positive, practical actions, developed in partnership with Count Us In, a global leader in climate action. Every activity completed will be added to the Count Us In global aggregator, joining millions globally to make your voice heard and your choices count.
  • Missions: Sustainability Missions for Earth Day and Beyond 🔒 
    • Whether you’re building a campaign for Earth Day or publishing year-round content to engage your people, we have Missions resources to help you galvanize that passion into action. Our Sustainability library has over 150+ activities to participate in, like going plastic-free, donating used clothing and conducting a home energy audit.
  • Webinar: Activate Your People to Take Climate Action 🔒
    • Join us on March 23, 2023, as we share the strategies and tools that can activate your people to take climate action for the future of our planet.
  • Earth Day 2023 Content Kit 
    • Log in to Spark and go to Manage > Content > Content Resources to view and download the kit.
    • Giving opportunities and news items for the US, Canada, UK and Australia
    • Cause recommendations
    • Images sized for Spark giving opportunities and cover story

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Our partnership with Count Us In   

Benevity is collaborating with Count Us In, our partner in climate action, to provide more high-quality content to engage more people. Count Us In’s mission is to inspire 1 billion people to take practical steps to reduce carbon pollution while influencing leaders to deliver solutions at a scale.


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