Requesting support for Benevity Reporting

The goal of Benevity’s technical support team is to help you get the data you need and to give you the tools and education to pull the info yourself.


To submit a Benevity Reporting request, submit a request here.

Learn more about submitting and track your support requests on B-Hive


Including answers to the questions below in your request will help us get you the data you need as quickly as possible:

1. What type of report are you looking for help with?
(e.g. giving, volunteering, Missions, participation)


2. What’s the goal of your report?
(e.g. I would like to see all users who donated to a specific cause; I would like to see all the users who volunteered year to date)


3. Are there specific questions you are trying to answer with this report?
(e.g. My executive team has asked, “How successful was our Giving Tuesday campaign, how many people participated and what was the donation volume vs match volume?”)


4. How will this report be used?
(e.g. It will be used monthly to share progress against our goals)


5. Is there a date range you would like this report to capture?
(provide specific dates, times, and time zones)


6. Are there any fields or measures you are hoping will be included in the report?
(e.g. User Email, Corporate Matching, Upcoming Donations, Cause Name/ID)


7. Are there specific giving opportunities, volunteer opportunities, cause names or campaigns that this report needs to capture?
(provide a link if applicable)


8. Is there an existing report that you would like to use as a foundation to build this new report?
(provide the report’s name or path to the report in Benevity Reporting)


9. Is there a folder in Benevity Reporting where you would like this report saved?


10. Provide any other details that could help our team build a report that meets your needs.
(screenshots, attachments, etc.)

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