Viewing stock reports

Stock reports are a collection of standard out-of-the-box reports built for you by Benevity’s Analytics & Insights team. They are located in the stock reporting library. The reports make up some of the top requests that we see across our clients, no matter employee size or industry.

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How to view stock reports

Go to the homepage or navigate to View > Repository on the menu bar to get quick access to the Stock Reporting Library.

The library is a growing collection of reports that give you one-click access to many of the common operational questions you may face when running your program, as well as guided analysis to gain insight into how your employees are engaging in your program.


Below is a list of some of the most frequently used stock reports. There is also a full list of all stock reports available in the library that you can use to help you manage and grow your program.

Frequently used stock reports

Some of the stock reports represent data that isn’t available anywhere else, while others greatly simplify your reporting needs by taking custom calculations of formulas in the ad hoc editor and packaging them up in an easy-to-use stock report. You can adjust the filters applied to any report to get the results you are looking for (like date ranges or active and inactive budgets).

Donation Report — Summary

  • Break down your monthly invoice by category totals that include foundation, currency and donation source.
  • Updates: Daily, and we recommend scheduling this report on the second of each month for complete results.

Donations & Volunteer Hours by Year

  • Compare your users’ annual donation amounts and rewards, as well as corporate matches and volunteer hours for each calendar year. This stock report is a great way to dig into the trends of your program. You’ll be able to see what is happening, segmented by the experience or currency you need.
  • Updates: Daily

Participation by Custom Field

  • Gain insights into engagement using segments from your demographic data and use specific date range filters to narrow or expand your view. This report allows you to understand trends in participation and where to focus your attention as you plan your next efforts.
  • Updates: Daily

New Hires Accepted Terms of Use

  • Gather information on the number of users you’ve added to your program over the past 12 months and see who has logged in to Spark and accepted the terms of use. This report allows you to see how you are capturing the attention of a very important group of cohorts at your organization … the new hires!
  • Updates: Real-Time

Budget Usage

  • The budget usage report is a breakdown of your budget that updates in real time. This allows you to track your budget closely, up to the second, and is especially handy when running a disaster relief or major special match campaign.
  • Updates: Real time

Giving Opportunities

  • Evaluate the success of your Giving Opportunities by using the data from this report that includes donation amounts, number of donors and amount given per donor. There’s also a filter to help you see, at a glance, the Peer Matching Giving Opportunities happening across your program.
  • Updates: Real-Time

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