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What are visualization types?

Within Benevity Reporting, there are multiple visualization types for creating graphs, charts, crosstabs and other visual representations of your data.

  • Visualization Types are the different ways in which you can present your data in Benevity Reporting.
  • These Visualization Types include:
    • Crosstabs and Tables
    • Column and Bar Charts
    • Line and Area Charts
    • Dual and Multi-Axis Charts
    • Scatter and Bubble Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Heat Maps and Tree Maps
    • Gauge Charts

The following is a view of the various Visualization Types available within Benevity Reporting:



Selecting or changing a visualization type

1. Create a new ad hoc view or open an existing ad hoc view that you would like to apply the calculated field to.

2. When you have your crosstab set up, select the bar graph icon in the toolbar to Select Visualization Type.


3. Choose from the various visualization types available.

Note: Depending on the data you have displayed in your crosstab, some visualization types may work better to present the data visually.

4. Click Apply and Close.



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