Nominating a cause for Benevity

You can nominate a cause that you would like to have available in your granting program directly in Benevity Grants. Benevity will vet and validate your nominated cause before including it in Benevity's global database of verified nonprofits. 

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Before you begin

You must have Benevity payment disbursements enabled to nominate a cause for your program. By default, all users can nominate a cause for inclusion in Benevity's database. To change which users have permission, contact

Nominate a cause from an incoming request

To submit a nomination with cause details on an incoming request: 

  1. Open an existing request or invitation.
  2. Select the Cause tab.
  3. If the cause is not already in the Benevity database, you'll see a notification with the option to Nominate this cause.


Nominate a cause when creating a request or invitation

To submit a nomination with cause details when creating a request or invitation: 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select Create New Invitation or Create New Request.
  2. First, try searching for the cause as it may already be in the database. 
  3. If there are no results, select the Nominate a cause checkbox and include as many cause details as you can.


What happens with my nomination? 

When you submit a cause nomination, you can expect the following: 

  1. The Benevity Support team will receive your request and start the vetting process by asking the organization to register in our Causes Portal.
  2. The organization must verify they are in good standing with their governing tax body; self-certify against common eligibility requirements; and set up electronic payments. The vetting process usually takes about four weeks to complete since there is some back and forth between Benevity and the organization.
  3. The support team will contact you to let you know if the cause has been verified and successfully onboarded.
  4. If successful, you will see additional cause information on the Causes tab of a request like their eligibility status, mission statement and more about the cause. 
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