Automatically approving external match requests

All donations that are eligible for matching and made through the platform are automatically matched and no review is required. Sometimes, donations happen outside of your program, such as at a local fundraising event or a door-to-door campaign. If your program allows employees to make donations outside of the platform and receive a company match, the Request a Match form is accessible from the employee's navigation bar. 

You can choose to automatically process all match requests or set an amount threshold for approvals. Alternatively, requests are manually reviewed by program administrators. 

Auto-approvals reduce the workload on your administrators to manually review requests and get matching donations to causes quickly. You have the flexibility to enable, adjust or disable this feature at any time to meet your risk tolerance. 

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Your company’s change signatory must sign an auto-approval authorization form before this feature can be enabled for your program. 

Any user with the Role Manager user role can then update match request settings. 

Authorizing auto-approvals 

You must complete an authorization form before this feature can be added to your program. You must provide a list of users with the role manager user role who require access to use auto-approvals. To request this feature: 

  1. Find out who your role managers are. Contact support for a list if you are not sure. 
  2. Complete and sign an updated copy of the form attached at the bottom of this article. 
  3. Send the form to the Benevity support team.

When Benevity receives the completed form, the feature is added to your program and you can enable it!

Enabling auto-approvals

When you receive confirmation that the feature is available for your program, you’ll need to enable it. 

  1. Go to Manage and hover over Match Requests. Select Match Request Settings
  2. Choose one of three approval options:
    • Do not enable auto-approvals: if you want to manually review all match requests.
    • Enable auto-approvals for all match requests: if you want to automatically approve all match requests.
    • Enable auto-approvals for match requests equal to or less than a threshold: if you want to only automatically approve requests below a specified amount. 
  3. If you’re not enabling auto-approvals or if you’re enabling it for all match requests, select Save and you’re done!

If you choose to Enable auto-approvals for match requests equal to or less than a threshold, follow these additional steps below:

  1. Select Add Currency to add a threshold for a supported currency in your program. If you do not add a threshold for a currency, any match requests in that currency will require manual review. 
  2. Choose an option in the Currency dropdown. 
  3. Enter an amount in the Auto-approval thresholds. Match amounts above the threshold require manual review; match amounts less than or equal to the threshold are automatically approved.
  4. Select Save to confirm thresholds.


You’ve now set up auto-approvals and thresholds! When a user submits a match request, they'll either get an email saying that their request was automatically approved, or that their request has been submitted for review.

Match requests that were submitted before you enabled auto-approvals require manual review and are not automatically approved. Any requests submitted after it is enabled, are automatically approved according to thresholds. 

Disabling auto-approvals

You can update match request settings at any time. If you want to disable auto-approvals, go to Match Request Settings, select Do not enable auto-approvals and Save. When you want to enable it again, just update the setting!


Download the auto-approval authorization form.


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