Enabling user profile previews

When you give your people the ability to interact and build a social community the more likely they are to participate.  It helps them build a sense of connection that is a known driver of participation. Within the Benevity client community alone, clients with socially focused features (like Peer Matching) have a higher donation participation percentage than those who do not have those features enabled.

User profiles

The user profile preview allows your people to discover each other in Spark, by allowing them to get a quick snapshot of other users who are volunteering, creating content (volunteer or giving opportunities) or supporting a friendraising opportunity.

userpreview_1.pngThis User Profile Preview can be viewed everywhere within Spark where user names appear, and will allow the option of going further to the public Spark profile. The public Spark profile will only include information publicly available or added voluntarily by your people when they choose to update their profiles.


If you are interested in adding a link to your HR directory to the profile preview, please contact help@benevity.com for more information and details.  

Enabling profile preview

Any program owner with Role Manager permissions or Site Settings Manager can enable this functionality in Spark (see here to on how to assign roles).  Once the correct permissions are applied, navigate to Site Settings on the management side of Spark and select User Profiles from the drop down.


Under User Profile select the Enable the ability to preview profiles taken directly from your program site checkbox to use the feature.


Optional external HR directory link

We’ve also included an optional feature that allows you to link to an external HR directory if you have one at your organization. This link would be available in their public Spark profile and in their user profile preview. This helps give more background of who people are in the context of your organization.

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