Manually creating a user account

You may need to add a Spark user account manually if it cannot be created through the user demographic file or worker data (if the Workday Integration is enabled). This could be for one of several reasons:

  • The user has an employee classification outside of full-time or part-time employees (Board of Directors, interns, contractors, consultants).
  • The user is not in the HRIS system or requires quick access, and there is not enough time to have the HRIS team add them through the user demographic file load (depending on the frequency with which your file is uploaded into Spark).


Manually created users are added using the local login access method. If your site uses strictly SSO login, please connect with our Client Technical Support Team to enable local login. This process may take a few business days to complete. 

To create or block a user account manually, you must have the following roles enabled:

  • User Account Manager: Can create, edit, and block users. Can access all user profile properties. 
  • Role Manager: Can modify role assignments for users. Must have the ‘user account manager’ role for this role to work accurately.

Creating a user account

You can manually create a Spark user account by going to Manage > People > Add New User. Complete all required fields with a red asterisk at minimum, and review the key information below that should be set up based on your site’s program configuration.

You can complete other details you deem necessary, such as preferred name, first name, last name, address, etc. Users are also expected to complete some of the remaining information. For example, contact information is required for tax-receipting purposes when making a donation. 

User roles

You must enable the following user roles for the new user account:

  • Local Login: Enables the ability to use username and password policy upon logging in (instead of Single Sign On). Password policy is required for the Spark site.
  • Ignore User File: Ignores the regular user demographic data or worker data that is regularly uploaded into Spark, preventing it from auto-blocking this new user when it loads a new file.

Password settings 

If an account is created with a Local Login role, the user is forced to change their password when they log in.

Deduction Schedule

If Payroll Giving is enabled, you can select a deduction schedule. The default option is no payroll. Leave as such if the user should not have access to payroll giving.

Donation account settings

If you have multiple Localized Experiences for employees, make sure to select the correct one in the Country in which to direct charitable donations field. This determines which country and currency the user will transact in.

Custom budget tags

If you use custom budget tags, there is a field for user budget details and custom tags in the Custom Classifications section. If custom budget tags are not enabled for your program, you do not see this field.

If displayed, this field must be completed for the user to transact on the site. Please note that the budget tag name is determined based on your preferences during the Implementation process.

Blocking a manually created user account

A user account that was manually created as outlined above must be manually blocked when you want to deactivate it. 

To block an account manually and permanently remove it from the site: 

  1. Go to Manage > People, and locate the user account.  
  2. Select Manage next to the user account name to go to the user profile. 
  3. Select Settings > Account. Update Status to Blocked in the Account information section. 
  4. Locate the Username, E-mail address, and Primary identifier fields and enter “BLOCKED_” as a prefix. You must block all three fields.
  5. Select Save at the bottom of the page. 

If all users have unique email addresses and you do not reuse e-mail addresses, you do not need to edit the email address to include 'BLOCKED_. Otherwise, enter ‘BLOCKED_’ so that you can reuse the e-mail address on a new account. 

You cannot bulk block users unless using the demographic file or worker data. If you wish to hard block more than 5 manually created user accounts, please reach out to our Client Technical Support Team for assistance. 

Synching a manual account with the automated user process

If you want to include a manually created user in your HRIS file or Worker Data so that they are updated with your existing user process, you’ll need to do the following: 

  1. Go to Manage > People, and locate the manually created user account.  
  2. Select Manage next to the user account name to go to the user profile. 
  3. Select Settings > Account
  4. In the Roles Section, unselect Ignore user file and local login roles.

The user account will be updated by the demographic file or Workday integration. The employee information (I.e. email, username, employee ID) in the user account must match the HRIS file or worker data.

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