Reviewing and approving volunteer time


Note: The steps in this article do not apply to volunteer opportunities that automatically track volunteer time.

1. Navigate to the Approve Volunteer Time page 

To review and approve volunteer time, start by selecting Manage to enter Spark as an administrator. Next, hover over Volunteer on the Management Toolbar and select Approve Volunteer Time


2. Selecting a volunteer submission 

To review a user's volunteer submission, select the Details option. Their submission will open, outlining all the fields they filled out on the Track Time form.  


3. Approve or reject submission 

Review the submission to ensure it aligns with your company’s guidelines and either Approve or Reject the request.

If approved, the individual will receive an automated email from the system notifying them of the approval.

If rejected, you do have a chance to add a personalized note to the user before sending the notification. 

4. Bulk approvals

You can also bulk approve or bulk decline volunteer time. To do this, select all the submissions to approve or decline by clicking the box. Navigate to Choose an Operationselect the Approve or Decline option, and select Execute.  



Review the selected submissions and click Confirm. The requests will be completed, and an email will be sent to the users letting them know that their submission has either been approved or declined. 


Note: If you bulk decline volunteer time, there is an optional step where you are able to give a reason for declining the submissions.


5. Modifying rewards 

You can also modify the reward type for selected submissions. This is handy if the user has exceeded their personal budget and would still like to show the time they've tracked. To do this, select submission to modify using the check box. In the Bulk Operations function select Modify the Reward Type for selected submissions, and then Execute.


You'll be taken to a separate page allowing you to choose the Reward Option. Select the reward option in the dropdown menu, either No Reward or Donation Currency, and select Next.  

reviewapprove_time_screenshot_6.pngReview the modified submission and Confirm. The submission will still be in the queue for your approval. To approve a modified request, follow the steps for approving volunteer time.  

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